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Weaver Auto Parts

In 2020, APH acquired the 14 Weaver store locations, as well as a warehouse and three large machine shops. In some markets, APH still uses the Weaver name.

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Weaver Auto Parts History

In 1972, Mark and Mary Weaver opened their first auto parts store in Portage, Wisconsin. From the beginning Weaver Auto Parts has strived to supply everything needed for complete auto repair, and a machine shop, all while having very competitive prices. In 40 years, Weaver Auto Parts has expanded to include 17 outlets and an 84,000 square foot warehouse (including 4,000 sq. ft. of office space and four loading docks) in Sauk City.

In almost every Weaver Auto Parts location, the store manager is part owner. The store manager position is earned by working and learning the business from the ground up. This allows them to be rich in auto repair knowledge

Along with people power, Weaver Auto Parts houses a state-of-the-art Triad computer system. This system links all locations and the warehouse through phone lines. This allows accessibility to the inventory of any Weaver Auto Parts location making complete auto repair easier than ever.

In addition to auto parts, Weaver offers three large machine shops which can handle any machining job. These shops are located in Sauk City, Portage and Madison West. Light machine work such as rotor, drum, flywheel grinding; radiator repair and press work is also done in most all Weaver Auto Parts locations.

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