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Electrical pin connector
Part # 69250 | Line Code: LIS

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Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Part Terminology Electrical Pin Connector

Features & Benefits
Provides Easy Access to Check Current or Voltage on Nearly All of the Fuses and Relays Used on Vehicles Today. Also allows testing of relay configurations not covered by our eight Relay Test Jumpers, like Volkswagen, BMW and other European vehicles. 1 69260 On/Off Switch with 4mm Stackable Banana Plugs 1 69270 4mm Female Banana to Alligator Clamp - 4' 2 69280 Red 4mm Banana to 1/4\" Female Terminal 2 69290 Green 4mm Banana to 1/4\" Male Spade 2 69310 Yellow 4mm Banana to 2.75mm Male Spade 2 69320 Blue 4mm Banana to 7.75mm Male Spade 2 69330 Black 4mm Banana to Stripped Wire End 1 69340 4mm Banana Males with Inline ATO Fuse Holder 2 69350 4mm Female to 4mm Male Extension - 3-1/2' *Wires are good up to 30 amps
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