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Supreme coolant treatment - 16 oz.
Part # 96001 | Line Code: LBT

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Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Part Terminology Engine Coolant Additive

Features & Benefits
KOOL-ITTM Coolant Treatment is chemically engineered to reduce the surface tension of coolant, penetrating metal surfaces at vital heat-transfer areas. This formula's thinner endogenous surface films magnify the rate of heat transfer in both cylinder heads and radiators. And, because of their extraordinary resiliency, they provide tougher, longer lasting protection of the complex alloys in contemporary radiators. Due to its unique chemical composition, Kool-ItTM is also very effective at preventing damage from electrolysis, corrosion, and pitting. It provides 100% cooling system corrosion protection even in straight water applications. The overwhelming majority of failures associated with aluminum radiators found in most newer vehicles are due to corrosion. The corrosion forms because of deficient chemical protection within the coolant. Kool-ItTM is the easiest and most cost-effective way to protect radiators and heater cores to prevent warranty claims. It is compatible with all types of antifreeze, providing total cooling system protection required for today's modern vehicles.

Application Summary

It is formulated to work universally in all radiators

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